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Artinii.Pro's goal is to simplify film
distribution and get more eyes on film.

screening licences via Artinii.Pro sent
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that is how Kofola's Kofokino looked in the last 2 years with the help of Artinii.Pro tools
minutes that is how long it takes for a film in the system to be processed for a delivery
multiplexes in Nigeria use Artinii Content Delivery and the Artinii Cinema Player for their screenings
Artinii.Pro Technology

The most secure film delivery system

Our system is based on patent pending technology providing an innovative solution for
digital distribution and monetization of audiovisual content.
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Over 130,000 screening licenses
sent in over 48 countries

Developed in Europe where distributors and producers have
already seen a boost in revenue. This is evidenced through their
own private Artinii dashboard which gives them simple, monitoring
and control over their entire catalogue.

1. Free upload and encryption
Any film you upload using intended for delivery will be instantly fully encrypted and stored on the Google cloud in Full HD absolutely free. For larger archives (National Film Boards, etc) that have limited interest, we can store them as thumbnails and as soon as there is a delivery request, we will simply upload and encrypt your films in minutes.
2. Your Rights: You are in Control

You own the rights, so you are in control of issuing licenses, setting pricing for either public screenings or VOD. Artinii has simple one-click tools to add subtitles, set your pricing, geoblocking or location and blockchain tracking to ensure you know where each screening occurred, by whom. For those using a White Label version we have a payment gateway otherwise, you can implement your own and in either case you get paid automatically!

3. Screened without Piracy

You can send Full HD and 4K quality, in minutes anywhere in the world knowing your films are protected. Since launching in the past 2 years we have zero leakage from piracy. During the upload phase we add the latest tech in invisible watermarks on the video and even an inaudible "watermark" on the audio track. Once again, for the film's safety, during the sending phase, each screening has its own blockchain supported identity.

4. No hardware required

For the theaters or events you issue individual screening licenses, our Artinii Cinema Player is absolutely free. It is an app that downloads in seconds and requires no additional hardware. The Artinii Cinema Player is the only way to download, decrypt and play your film and only according to the licenses you sell them at the price you decide. The screeners only need their own laptop plugged into any projector. Once it is downloaded to the player the film can be projected without any internet connection.

A unique offline&online solution based on Artinii’s patent pending Cinema Player technology

Artinii Cinema Player

Free High Quality,
Professional and Secure Player

check markPatent pending technology
check markA safe environment for your creative work
check markIncluding offline screenings
A professional player for public screenings. Screen your films in the highest quality and enjoy the easy to use interface developed in partnership with many projectionists and professionals, with their needs in mind. The player provides the highest level of security together with the possibility to create playlists with pre-rolls and post-rolls. Download it free of charge on the Microsoft Store for Windows or right here for Mac OS.

Grow Your Reach & Revenue

Artinii.Pro is the leading solution for monetising content and offering it for public screenings globally. Case studies show, in even our most recent markets distributors and producers have seen an increase in 5-10% revenue generated only from non-DCI compliant cinemas.

Focus on offering a shared film experience.

The content owner has full control over where and when the content is played, and is able to set regional restrictions and pricing conditions for each country.
Focus on network effects


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Galway Film Fleadh
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Secure Your Content with the Best-in-Class DRM & Patent Pending Technology

  • Approved by the largest film studios - Sony, Disney, Universal, 20th Century Fox, etc.
  • Studio standard DRM
  • Invisible and inaudible Forensic Watermarking in every delivery includes location and ID information
  • Blockchain protection done by
  • Playback restrictions based on the rules set for each specific screening or delivery
  • GPS locator in our mobile app
  • Patent pending technology
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