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Artinii.Pro technology

A cost-effective solution for Producers, Distributors and Aggregators that increases profitability.

We are professionals, the journey of our technology began with the need and recognition of how complex and time consuming and costly it is to deliver movies to screens around the world. We love movies, and we love them even more when they are on the big screen. That's why we created this technology that allows AV content owners to securely deliver their films to any cinema or any venue in the world, thereby providing a very significant revenue boost to rightholders.

Save time and money

with our simple, automated, contactless and low-cost film distribution platform, plus have your film in one place. Sign up and try all of our technology features for your first 10 free deliveries.

The biggest advantages of Artinii.Pro technology

1. Free upload and encryption

Any film you upload using intended for delivery will be instantly fully encrypted and stored on the Google cloud in full HD absolutely free. For larger archives (National Film Boards, etc.) that have limited interest, we can store them as thumbnails and as soon as there is a delivery request, we will simply upload and encrypt your films in minutes.

2. Your Rights: You are in Control

You own the rights, so you are in control of issuing licenses, setting pricing for either public screenings or VOD. Artinii has simple one-click tools to add subtitles, set your pricing, geoblocking or location and blockchain tracking to ensure you know where each screening occurred, by whom. For those using a White Label version we have a payment gateway otherwise, you can implement your own and in either case you get paid automatically!

3. Screened without Piracy

You can send HD and UHD quality, in minutes anywhere in the world knowing your films are protected. Since launching in the past 2 years we have zero leakage from piracy. During the upload phase we add the latest tech in invisible watermarks on the video and even an inaudible"watermark" on the audio track. Once again, for the film's safety, during the sending phase, each screening has its own blockchain supported identity.

4. No hardware required

For the theaters or events you issue individual screening licenses, our Artinii Cinema Player is absolutely free. It is an app that downloads in seconds and requires no additional hardware. The Artinii Cinema Player is the only way to download, decrypt and play your film and only according to the licenses you sell them at the price you decide. The screeners only need their own laptop plugged into any projector. Once it is downloaded to the player the film can be projected without any internet connection.

Artinii.Pro technology products & services

Content Delivery

Streamlines the delivery of content for public or theatrical screenings anywhere in the world.

White Label

Your own branded marketplace running on Artinii's US patent pending technology.

Film Festival Solution

Manage both the online version as well as offline events with ease.

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Artinii.Pro Academy

Spread the talent of the new generation, give the world a chance to see new star directors.

Is a global community-driven digital marketplace with film licenses for public screenings.

Focus on offering a shared film

The content owner has full control over where and when the content is played,
and is able to set regional restrictions and pricing conditions for each country.
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Artinii.Pro technology

Free, High Quality, 
Professional and Secure Player

yes Patent pending technology
yes A safe environment for your creative work
yes Including offline screenings
A professional player for public screenings. Screen your films in the highest quality and enjoy the easy-to-use interface developed in partnership with many projectionists and professionals, with their needs in mind. The player provides the highest level of security together with the possibility to create playlists with pre-rolls and post-rolls. Download it free of charge on the Microsoft Store for Windows or right here for macOS.

Focus on offering a shared film experience

yes Approved to screen content from film studios - Sony, Disney and 20th Century Studios, etc.
yes Studio standard DRM.
Patent pending technology.
yes Invisible and inaudible Forensic Watermarking in every delivery includes location and ID information.
yes Blockchain protection done by
yes Playback restrictions based on the rules set for each specific screening or delivery.
yes GPS locator in our mobile app.

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